Advisor to the President  Ilze TRAPENCIERE

External Affairs Organiser  Kristaps BROKS

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On October 28, the Presidents of the Baltic Academies have a meeting with the representatives of the Royal Society.   

The objectives of the meeting are:

- To compare our respective academies' forthcoming priorities and projects;

-  To discuss the roles of our academies in providing science advice to our national governments, for example during the COVID-19 pandemic;

- To highlight and detail the Society's international work, including Horizon Europe;

- To share perspectives on the roles of our academies in multilateral organisations at a European and international level.

Latvian Academy of Sciences at this meeting is represented by Dr. Ivars Kalviņš, the President - elect of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, Dr. Andrejs Siliņš, General Secretary of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, Dr. Modris Greitāns, Council member of the Division on Physics and Technical Sciences, Latvian Academy of Sciences and Ilze Trapenciere, Head of International Dept, Latvian Academy of Sciences.