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The Grand Medal of the Latvian Academy of Sciences is the highest reward which is awarded by the LAS to scientists of Latvia and of foreign countries for their outstanding creative contribution. The Grand Medal of the LAS is cast in bronze. The LAS emblem with an inscription “Academia Scientiarum Latviensis” is depicted on its front, and the name and family name of the person awarded and the date of awarding are engraved on the reverse side. Candidates for the above reward may be recommended by the LAS full, honorary, and foreign members, the LAS Divisions, by submitting in a written form a motivated proposal and a brief reference on the candidate recommended. The LAS Senate takes a decision about awarding.

On 12 November 2013, the philanthropists Boris and Ināra Teterev and Latvian Academy of Sciences’ President Ojārs Spārītis reached an agreement on the provision of support to the Latvian Academy of Sciences (LAS) to recognise excellence in science that benefit Latvian society and the nation as a whole. For five successive years until 2018 in addition to the Grand Medal the recipients of the award received Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation's prize of EUR 10,000 (post-tax).

So far, the LAS Grand Medal has been awarded to J. Graudonis (1993), J. Stradiņš, E. Dunsdorfs, E. Lavendelis (1994), E. Grēns, D. A. Loeber (1995), M. Staudinger-Woit, E. Lukevics (1996), E. Siliņš, V. Vīķe-Freiberga (1997), D. Draviņš, J. Krastiņš (1998), O. Lielausis, J. Upatnieks (1999), G. Birkerts, M. Beķers (2000), A. Caune, J. Hartmanis (2001), T. Millers, V. Toporovs (2002), R. M. Freivalds, I. Šterns (2003), I. Lancmanis, A. Padegs (2004), E. Blūms, E. Vedējs (2005), R. Kondratovičs, T. Fennels (2006), V. Hausmanis, R. Evarestovs (2007), V. Tamužs, Ē. Kupče (2008), I. Kalviņš, K. Zariņš (2009), M. Auziņš, K. Švarcs (2010), Ē. Mugurēvičs, R. Villems (2011), P. Pumpēns, A. Ezergailis (2012), A. Ambainis, A. Brāzma (2013), V. Ivbulis, R. Žuka (2014), A. Barševskis, A. Šternbergs (2015), T. Jundzis, R. Lācis (2016), J. Bārzdiņš, and B. Rivža (2017), Vija Zaiga Kluša and Kalvis Torgāns (2018), Bruno Andersons and Linards Skuja (2019), Eduards Kļaviņs and Andrejs Ērglis (2020), Edīte Kaufmane and Jānis Spīgulis (2021). 

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