The YearBook of the Latvian Academy 2023 published

The YearBook of the Latvian Academy 2023 published

The newly released edition of the Yearbook of the Latvian Academy of Sciences 2023 aims to reach the widest possible audiences by offering a versatile insight into the science achievements and researches that are carried out in present-day Latvia. The authors of the articles contained in the chapters “Science needs peace” and “Energy” address issues that in many aspects have become critical for progress and sustainability of the modern world.

Prof. Ivars Kalviņš, President of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, in his introductory article gives an outright description of the current geopolitical situation and points-out to the importance of research institutions and communities how to withstand and solve the challenges that were brought about or aggravated in 2022: “War in the heart of Europe has had a devastating impact on the global economy, disrupting supply chains built up over decades, forcing a radical change not only in the choice of sources of energy, but also in the transition of Latvian and other Western economies to rely upon alternative sources for energy. This, of course, also impacted the involvement of the LAS in shaping national energy independence policy and promoting a green transformation. The LAS has identified research into the production and application of alternative energy carriers as one of its development directions, establishing at the LAS the Centre of Excellence and Innovation in Smart Hydrogen Energy Science. The aim of the Centre is to coordinate the efforts of scientists and entrepreneurs in the field of hydrogen extraction and use technologies in Latvia, as well as to take part in international cooperation projects in this field.”

The Yearbook is available both in print edition and on-line.

Latvian Academy of Sciences Yearbook, 2023 (pdf).

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