LAS Yearbook 2022: a showcase of internationally renowned science achievements in Latvia

LAS Yearbook 2022: a showcase of internationally renowned science achievements in Latvia

The newly released edition of the Yearbook of the Latvian Academy of Sciences 2022 aims to reach the widest possible audiences by offering a versatile insight into the science achievements and current researches that are carried out in present-day Latvia. Readers of the Yearbook 2022 are invited to delve into the most intriguing aspects of scientific experiments and discoveries in natural and material sciences, information technologies and computing, agricultural and forestry sciences, humanities and social sciences, and get acquainted with a number of scientific institutions, research institutes, centers and laboratories where Latvia has shown internationally renowned performance.

The Presidents of the three Baltic States – Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia – , admitting that the past years were overshadowed by the Covid-19 pandemic, in the foreword of the Yearbook acknowledge that it has also brought forth unexpected opportunities for the worlds’ science community to demonstrate its’ capabilities and effectiveness. However, the other issues caused by the global climate change, energy crisis and the current geopolitical situation create ever new challenges, and the science communities are fully aware of these potential risks, and are ready to face them with innovative solutions.

Prof. Tarmo Soomere, President of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, has summarized expectations of the global science community: “My wish is that more countries realise the necessity of and establish a properly functioning science advice mechanism during the coming year. These ecosystems of advice in different countries should function in a harmonised manner. Only then we can bring our continent more tightly together and make it an ever better place to live.”

The Yearbook is available both in print and on-line editions.

Latvian Academy of Sciences Yearbook, 2022 (pdf).


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