Dr.soc. Talis TISENKOPFS
Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences,
University of Latvia

Lomonosova Street, 1
Riga, LV 1019

Phone:  +371 29417173
Fax: + 371 67470244
E-mail: talis.tisenkopfs@lu.lv

Born: 28 July 1957, Tukums district, Latvia.

Interests (Fields of expertise) :

Language skills: Latvian- native, English and Russian - fluent reading, speaking and writing.

Academic Education

Academic Titles and Scientific Degrees


    Current employment:

    Former Professional Experience:

    Research abroad:

       Special Eastern Countries experience:


Professional Activities and Memberships

   Participation in expert committees

     Other advantages:

        Good collaboration with the Ministry of Regional Development and Local Governments, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Welfare includes  participation in research projects, dissemination of research results, policy consultations, and participation in expert groups. Experience with the UNDP, the World Bank, the Soros Foundation   Latvia , EU Phare, and bilateral development programmes and projects.  

Academic Courses and Supervision of PhD Thesis   

Recent/Representative Publications

Books, monographs  (Total number - 14)

Contribution to Books  (Total number - 32)

  Articles  in peer rewiew journals

    Essays,  Popular Scientific Articles - 46

    Reaserch Reports - 37

    International Conference Papers - 31

    Papers at Scientific Conferences in Latvia, Speaches - 10

   Papers and Speaches at other Conferences, Symposia and Seminars:

           Several papers at meetings and conferences organised by the Latvian Academy of Sciences, the Latvian Association of Intelligentsia,
       the Information Centre of the European Union (European Dialogues), the Soros Foundation Latvia (Public Policy Forums), UNDP.

Recent Representative Research Projects

       National Research Projects and Programmes /Total number (1990 - 2010) - 37/

        Project Leader:

         Creative Scholarships 

      International Projects and Programmes     /Total number (1987 - 2010) - 32 /

           1997 – 2009 – participation in nine EU 4th, 5th and 6th Framework Programme projects (MAS, TRUC, PubAcc, SUS-CHAIN, Multagri, Cofami,   SINER-GI, IN-SIGHT, ETUDE) has helped to build comparative research experience and knowledge in different European contexts.    




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