Andris OZOLS

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Institute of Technical Physics, Riga Technical University
Azenes iela 14/24
Riga, LV 1007, Latvia

Phone: +371 67089456, +371 67089201
Fax:    +371  67089074  

Institute of Telecommunication, Riga Technical University
Azenes iela 12
Riga, LV 1007, Latvia

Phone:  +371 67089201

Born: December 6, 1944, Riga, Latvia


    Brief description of main research:

I have investigated both experimentally and theoretically the photoinduced processes in KBr, KCl and NaCl crystals with colour centres, in electrooptic LiNbO3:Fe crystals, in amorphous As-S and As-Se chalcogenide films. The obtained results were used to optimise the optical information recording in these materials. The non-linear processes in optical glass fibres and planar waveguides have also been studied. The most important results include: the development of the theory of thin amplitude-phase gratings; the deduction of properties and mechanisms of coherent, incoherent and relaxational hologram self-enhancement effects in above mentioned materials; the development of optical methods for spatially resolved F-centre diffusion studies; the deduction and explanation of the picosecond processes in As-S and As-Se films; the discovery and the explanation of the strong structure relaxation effects on the holographic recording in amorphous chalcogenide films; the discovery, properties and mechanism of the sub-band-gap light holographic recording in amorphous chalcogenide films; the first realisation of the efficient transient millisecond pulse recording in amorphous semiconductor films. I have also studied polarisation holograms and diffraction anisotropy in a-As-S-Se films.  The experimental studies of the holographic properties of azobenzene oligomers have shown their superior properties for  vector hologram recording when compared to amorphous chalcogenides. Successful phase  conjugation of unfocused and focused He-Ne laser beams have been performed in a-As-S-Se, a-As-S and azobenzene oligomer   films. Efficient  azobenzene oligomer films. Efficient azobenzene materials for direct surface relief hologram recording in the red spectral region have been developed.

Languages: Latvian, English, Russian, German.



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