Andris OZOLS

ozolsa.jpg (11357 bytes) Professor Andris OZOLS

Institute of Technical Physics, Riga Technical University
Paula Valdena iela 3/7
Riga, LV 1007, Latvia

Phone: +371 67089456
Fax:    +371  67089074  


Born: December 6, 1944, Riga, Latvia


    Brief description of main research:

I have investigated both experimentally and theoretically the photoinduced processes in KBr, KCl and NaCl crystals with colour centres, in electrooptic LiNbO3:Fe crystals, in amorphous As-S and As-Se chalcogenide films. The obtained results were used to optimise the optical information recording in these materials. The non-linear processes in optical glass fibres and planar waveguides have also been studied. The most important results include: the development of the theory of thin amplitude-phase gratings; the deduction of properties and mechanisms of coherent, incoherent and relaxational hologram self-enhancement effects in above mentioned materials; the development of optical methods for spatially resolved F-centre diffusion studies; the deduction and explanation of the picosecond processes in As-S and As-Se films; the discovery and the explanation of the strong structure relaxation effects on the holographic recording in amorphous chalcogenide films; the discovery, properties and mechanism of the sub-band-gap light holographic recording in amorphous chalcogenide films; the first realisation of the efficient transient millisecond pulse recording in amorphous semiconductor films. I have also studied polarization holograms and diffraction anisotropy in As-S, As-S-Se and azobenzene organic films. New real-time holographic method is developed to measure the photoinduced anisotropy in polarization-sensitive materials. Efficient azobenzene materials for direct surface relief hologram recording in red spectral region have been developed. Recording and self-enhancement of dynamic scalar and vector gratings have been experimentally studied in amorphous chalcogenide films and azobenezene molecular glassy films in both two-wave-mixing and four-wave-mixing geometry.

Languages: Latvian, English, Russian, German.



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