Rusins Martins FREIVALDS

FreivaldsR.jpg (12003 bytes) Professor Rusins Martins FREIVALDS

Head of Division of Discrete Mathematics
Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, University of Latvia
Raina bulv. 29
Riga, LV 1459

Phone: +371 722 6997, +371 26563358
Fax: +371 782 0153


Born: November 10, 1942, Cesvaine, Latvia




Brief Description of Main Research:

The primary area of my research has always been complexity of computation. In 1975 I proved the very first theorem on advantages of randomized algorithms over deterministic ones. Namely, I have proven that randomized Turing machines can use less running time than deterministic ones to compute certain functions. Recently I have developed new powerful methods to prove lower bounds for time and space complexity of randomized algorithms.

I have published various results in Inductive Inference. I have tried to use deep methods of classical mathematics for problems in Theoretical Computer Science. I would like to mention the usage of constructive ordinals to measure the complexity of Inductive Inference, and the usage of Group Theory in Inductive Inference.


Languages: Latvian, Russian, English, German




Honours and Awards:

Professional Activities and Memberships:

- 13th World Computer Congress, Hamburg, Germany, 1994
- International Symposium Fundamentals of Computation Theory, Bucharest, Rumania, 1998
- Scandinavian Workshop on Algorithm Theory, Stockholm, Sweden, 1998
- International Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science, Lubeck, Germany, 1997
- International Symposia on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1992; Rytro, Poland, 1989; Bratislava, Slovakia, 1997
- International Colloquia "Automata, Languages and Programming", Paderborn, Germany, 1996, Lund, Sweden, 1993
- 2nd European Conference "Computational Learning Theory", Barcelona, Spain, 1995
- Workshop "Computational Learning Theory", Santa Barbara, USA, 1992
- International Workshop "Algorithmic Learning Theory", Tokyo, Japan, 1993

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University of Latvia:


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