sparitiso.JPG (5331 bytes) Professor Ojars SPARITIS

Latvian Academy of Arts
Kalpaka bulv. 13
Riga, LV 1867, Latvia

Phone: + 371 67332202. 
E- mail: lma@latnet.lv 



Born: November 28, 1955, Priekule, Liepaja district, Latvia


       Studies of Swedish archives resulted in focusing my scientific interest on development of fortifications in the Baltics and contacts between Sweden and Latvia during 17th century

Languages : Latvian, German, English,  Russian (proficient); Latin, Lithuanian, Polish, Czech (reading and translation skills)

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Professional Activities

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Main /Recent Publications

More than 70 articles in Latvia and abroad on the reaserch, theory and protection of cultural heritage.
About 180 articles in Latvia and abroad  on issues of the history  and theory , specializing in Latvian-European cultural relations, periodisation, attribution, iconography and emblematics of Rennaissance art, tourism management and preservation of cultural heritage.
Participation in more than 70  international conferences and symposiums (since 1989).



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