Remigijs POCS

pocsr.jpg (3029 bytes) Professor Dr.habil.oec. Remigijs POCS
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management;
Head of Division of Foreign Economic Relations,
Transport Economics and Logistics at

Riga Technical University

6 Kalnciema Street, Room 204
Riga, LV-1048

Phone: (371) 67089010
Fax: (371) 67089345

Born: September 8, 1947, Latvia


Languages: Latvian, Russian, English


Thesis: Questions of Choice and Estimation of Productivity Forecasting Methods and Models (for Latvian Industry)

Thesis: Creation and Application of Applied Economic and Mathematical Models of Development of National Economy (for the Republic of Latvia)

Professional Activities and Memberships


Institute of Economics, Latvian Academy of Sciences:

Ministry of Economy, Republic of Latvia:

Other Professional Background:


In 1972 - 2016 more than 100 scientific publications, including 2 individual and 7 collective monographs.

Recent Publications, 2000 - 2016:


Scientific publications:

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