CiprovicaI.jpg (56071 bytes) Dr. Inga Ciprovica

Professor, Dean of Faculty of Food Technology
Latvia University of Agriculture
2 Liela street, Jelgava, LV 3001, LATVIJAa

Phone/fax +37163022829.



Born: 3rd August, 1969, Riga, LATVIA


Languages : English, Russian, Latvian

Education, qualifications


Honours and Awards

Professional Activities and Memberships

Lectures   abroad

Recent/Representative Publications

  1. Miíelsone I., Ciproviča A. (2011) the study of attenuated starter in Holandes cheese ripening. Foodbalt-2011: 6th Baltic conference on food science and technology "Innovations for food science and production", Jelgava, May 5-6, 2011: conference proceedings / Latvia University of Agriculture. Faculty of Food Technology. - Jelgava: LLU, 2011. – pp.148.-152.
  2. Zagorska J., Antone U., Ciprovica I., Konosonoka I., Sterna V., Gramatina I., Sarvi S. (2011) The influence of immunoglobulins on microbiological quality of milk/International Food Congress „Novel Approaches in Food Industry”, 2011, Proceedings, pp.58-63
  3. Miíelsone A., Ciproviča I. (2009) Effect of ripening conditions on Latvian semi-hard cheese quality/Chemine technologija, Vol.3 (52), p.93-97
  4. Zagorska J., Ciproviča I. (2008) The evaluation of microbiological quality of organic milk in Latvia/Chemine technologija, Vol.4 (46), p.44-47
  5. Miíelsone A., Ciproviča I. (2010) Diversity of Lactobacillus spp. in Krievijas cheese /Research for rural development 2010: annual 16th international scientific conference proceedings, Jelgava, 19-21 May 2010 / Latvia University of Agriculture. - Jelgava: LLU, 2010. - Vol.1, 100.-103.lpp.
  6. Karklina D., Kivite J., Dubovika A., Markevica L., Ciprovica I. (2007) The quality of minced meat in different retails. Animal Science: an international journal of fundamental and applied research. - Vol.1: Quality and safety in meat for consumers: from stable to table: conferences proceedings; (2007), 60.-62.lpp.
  7. Zagorska J., Ciprovica I. (2007) The comparison of chemical composition of chemical composition between organic and convential milk/ 5th International congress on food technology "Consumer protection through food process improvement & innovation in the real world", Thessaloniki, Greece, March 9-11, 2007 - Vol.2, 332.-337.lpp.
  8. Beitane I., Ciprovica I. (2007) The study of the reduction of cholesterol level in milk by probiotics and prebiotics/ 5th International congress on food technology "Consumer protection through food process improvement & innovation in the real world" proceedings, Thessaloniki, Greece, March 9-11, 2007 - Vol.3, 168.-171.lpp.
  9. Zagorska, J., Ciproviča, I., Kârkliňa, D. (2006) Heavy metals in organic milk ISEKI – Food book “Case studies in Food Safety and Environmental Health”, Portugal, pp. 75 – 79
  10. Kârkliňa D., Ciproviča I., Beitâne I. (2005) Effect of lactulose as bifidogenic factor on growth of Bifidobacterium lactis in milk fermentation. Proceedings of the 4th Congress of Food Technology, 18-19 February, Athens, Greece, 72-77 p.
  11. Kârkliňa D., Ozola L., Ciproviča I., Predoiu J. Die Käseherstellung in Lettland. - Lebensmittelindustrie und Milchwirtschaft. - No.25 (1995), S.1250-1253
  12. Kârkliňa D., Ozola L., Ciproviča I., Predoiu J. Die Entwicklung der Produktion und Verarbeitung der Milch in Lettland. Lebensmittelindustrie und Milchwirtschaft. - No.7 (1995), S.272-278

Research projects

  1. Lifelong Learning Programme - Erasmus Programme: Erasmus Network142822-LLP-1-2008-1-PT-ERASMUS-ENW / “ISEKI Food 3 - Innovative Developments and Sustainability of ISEKI Food” (2008-2011, http:// )
  2. Norfa network P.Nr.619004/Vo1/ sted 195 “Biochemistry during maturation of Nordic cheese varieties” (2005-2009),
  3. Project Nr. 09.1561 „The study of cow’s milk lipids composition and its influencing enzymes, their role for assurance of milk products quality and functionality” the head of sub-project „The study of cheese functionality”. Latvia Council of Science, 2010-2012
  4. Head of project Nr.09.1521 “The study of cheese functionality”. Latvia Council of Science, 2009
  5. Head of project Nr.08.2183 “The study of influence the non-starter lactic acid bacteria on cheese quality”. Latvia Council of Science, 2008
  6. Head of project Nr.06.1945 “The evaluation organic milk quality”. Latvia Council of Science, 2006-2008
  7. Preparing and harmonizating databases building and risk assessment for food contaminations in associated candidates countries (FOOD-CT-2004-513988-SAFEFOODNET)

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